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Psilocybe Cubensis : B+

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Psilocybe Cubensis, B+ mushrooms, b+ cubensis A very popular strain amongst both experienced and newer users, the B+ is considered a good “all-around” trip for various applications; offering a warm visual trip without being overbearing when proper dosages are taken. One of the largest species of the cubensis family, B+ mushrooms, has thicker stems and larger caps than our similar offering the Golden teacher mushrooms online. A solid choice for newcomers and long-time shroom users alike, good for everything from small doses for focus and energy to deeply spiritual trips depending on the amount taken.

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Psilocybe Cubensis,b+ mushrooms, b+ cubensispsilocybin cubensis

Psilocybe Cubensis(b+ mushrooms, b+ cubensis,  psilocybin cubensis)  is most widely used for triggering psychedelic experiences after ingestion.

If you’re a mushroom user then the Psilocybe Cubensis or popularly known as the B+ mushroom are perfect for you.

If you’re more of a spiritual being and want to feel connected with nature then the Psilocybe Cubensis is the right choice for you.

Why Psilocybe Cubensis is perfect for you:

  • Its small doses help to improve concentration power.
  • It helps to make your mind feel more energetic and happy.
  • Helps to induce a state of consciousness that has spiritual significance.
  • Give your body a feeling of calmness.
  • Its small doses help to overcome severe depression.

If you want to know how much of it is good then see the dosage effects below.

Dosage effects:

  • 25-1g –  for mild effect.
  • 1-2.5g – for a moderate effect.
  • 5 or higher – for a strong effect.

Its high doses are not good for your body so we recommend you to use 0.25-1g only for a better experience*

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Psilocybe Cubensis B+

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